About myself

My name is Krisztina Szakacs, I graduated from Semmelweis University in 2007. I earned my Paediatrician specialisation in 2013, and I became an Endocrine and Metabolic disease Consultant in 2019. I started my career as a Paediatrician and I was highly interested in neonatology and paediatric emergencies.

Following my studies, I worked at the 1st Department of Paediatrics of Semmelweis University, then I moved to the United Kingdom to further my medical knowledge thus I spent six years with work at paediatric emergency departments and paediatric wards. I had an astonishing opportunity to work as an anaesthetist trainee for 1 year under the framework of the UK medical training system. In 2016, I came back to Hungary and to satisfy my interest I started a new medical training in endocrinology. I finished my endocrine and metabolic disease training in March 2019 with an excellent grade.

The world of endocrinology has had a special impact on me, since I graduated I have been educating myself further. Currently I am studying diabetology, which I am going to graduate from in 2020.

I think it is really important to get to know the international guidelines, but we must not forget,the patient’ s values, and clinical expertise are the part of the evidence based medicine not just following the clinical guidelines.

Every doctor is able to treat patients from paper, using evidence based quidelines, however you need to have wider approach if you want to cure the patient wholly.
I look for the real reasons behind the patient’s problem, I do not want to only prescribe a pill to get rid of him or her. Our eating habits and lifestyle significantly influences our health condition, therefore during the healing process we should focus on these as much as on a possible medicinal treatment.

I keen on providing a better quality of life to the patients and curing them when possible.

My main interests are endocrine diseases in adults and children including disfunctions of carbohydrate metabolism and the insufficiency of the adrenals and the thyroids. I am highly interested in the endocrine aspects of endometriosis and its therapeutic possibilities as well.

As my first speciality is paediatrics, I can imagine treating my paediatric patients in exclusively in a child-friendly environment.
In our rushing world doctors have hardly the time for properly informing their patients. Sadly, classic medicine has distanced itself from the patients, leaving a huge gap in the communication between doctors and patients. As doctor I think we do not have to be afraid of patients using social media for education themselves on medical issues.

I have created this website so that I can share my experiences and inform you about the newest medical research and scientific results.

Providing understandable information about your health is inevitable. I hope you will find the necessary guidance so that you can regain your health.

Krisztina Szakacs MD

Paediatric Consultant 2013

Endocrine and Metabolic disease Consultant 2019

EPLS (European Paediatric Advanced Life Support) 2014

ITLS (International Trauma Life Support) 2018

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 2018

Member of Hungarian Medical Council

Member of General Medical Council (UK)

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