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Dear Visitor, Welcome on my page!

My name is Krisztina Szakacs, I am a paeditrician consultant and endorcine and metablic disease consultant. My website, MedicBees was started in 2017 to improve our understanding of health. You can read information about paediatric and adult endocrine conditions as well as the endocrine aspects of endometriosis on website. In 2018 I started Endomedic for patients with endometriosis. Due to popular demand, by website is under construction constantly but this does not affect the user part of the website.
You can use my website two ways. Free contants are available for everybody. Professional quality articles are available for subscribers.

Registration and subscription

You can start your subscripiton by clicking on the „ orders” button. You can choose from monthy, quarterly and half year and annual subscriptions. After clicking on „ go tot he cashier” please fill your invoice data, then the system will navigate you to paypal, where you can make your payment.
Following the placement of your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your your username and password. If you can not find your confirmation, please check your spam box.


After your subscription expires, you need to make another payment if you wish to continue your subscription, sincet he ammount will not be withdrawn from your account automaticly.
Your payment is maximally secured via paypal, MedicBees does not handle your bank card’s details. After your payment you will receive an invoice via mail through
If you have difficulties with your payment or using this website, please do not hesitate to contact us on
I hope you will find this website useful!

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